SENILITÀ (1962) aka `Careless` [Eng subs]

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SENILITÀ is a 1962 Italian-French period drama, directed by Mauro Bolognini. Titled "Careless" in the U.S., the film stars Claudia Cardinale, Anthony Franciosa, Betsy Blair and Philippe Leroy. It was adapted by Tullio Pinelli, Goffredo Parise and Bolognini from Italian author Italo Svevo's celebrated novel of the same name. Moris Ergas was the producer. Set in Trieste, Italy, SENILITÀ centers on Emilio (Franciosa), a middle-aged public official, and his unrequited love for Angiolina (Cardinale), a flirtatious but unpossessable young woman, who blithely betrays him. In spite of advice from friends and family, including his sister Amalia (Blair), Emilio pursues the beautiful Angiolina with single-minded dedication. He's unaware that she is as unconcerned as he is committed, and by not reading the warning signs, Emilio heads toward a terrible fall. Bolognini's film transposes Svevo's story, written at the end of the 19th century, to the 1920s. As the director explained, "The book was published in 1898, however its final edition, very different from the first, was published in 1927. Success did not come immediately. Svevo was not recognized until the twenties. (...) In addition, it was easier to rebuild the city for filming. Recreating 19th-century Trieste would have been very difficult. The choice of the 1920s was both a technical and literary one." With SENILITÀ, Bolognini was working once more with some of his most esteemed collaborators, including cinematographer Armando Nannuzzi ("Bell' Antonio"), composer Piero Piccioni ("La notte brava"), and costume designer Piero Tosi ("La Viaccia"). Among the awards that the film received was the Best Director prize at the 1962 San Sebastián International Film Festival. In Italian, with English subtitles.